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Roofing, Home Services and Construction Services Marketing Professionals with over 15 years of marketing experience, and 5 years in the roofing, home services, and construction industries.


Corporate Marketing Executive Meets
Home Services, Construction & Roofing Industry


GC Rocket was founded in 2017 by Mary Vacek, a 16 year marketing, advertising and sales professional. During her corporate life, Mary worked in several positions within 3 Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Toyota, and Darling Ingredients (Biofuels). Starting out in the early 2000s as a sales and business development professional, she found a passion for lead generation but quickly grew frustrated with the low reach that cold calling and individualized emailing afforded her. 

Finding her real fire with the help of campaign marketing such as mass SMS, email, and voicemail drop strategies she soon got her footing in lead generation. Although holding a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, eventually she went back to school for marketing and earned several certificates along the way including a Facebook Blueprint, and Google Ads certification along with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop design certifications, also learning local SEO, and full stack web development during this time.

In 2016 she had an opportunity to work for a digital agency, where she learned the good and bad practices that make some digital agencies run the way that they do. After this experience, she vowed to create her own agency where things would be different, and clients would not be treated like numbers, where KPIS revolved around revenue vs likes, comments, and aesthetic measurements. Also, Cost Per a Lead, and number of qualified appointments, closed contracts generated exclusively through marketing and advertising efforts. 

On the hunt for clientele, she built her website, and started marketing for herself taking on her first marketing and advertising client in 2018… A roofing company out of her home state, Texas. In her first year she only took on 2 clients both ironically in roofing and construction (who she still works with today). 

During this time she developed a passion for lead generation within the roofing and construction and eventually other home services industries. Having grown up watching her father manage large commercial construction projects for stadiums around the country, it felt close to home for her, and she found herself having a lot of passion in these construction and home services industries. 

Additionally, she has since started her own exterior cleaning service in the DFW area and has first hand experience on what it means to be a contractor in need of marketing and lead generation services. 

Over the last 5 years, she has taken on many other clients all in the roofing, construction and home services industries and also found success with a small, but reliable and very talented team of highly specialized individuals. 

During her time in the roofing marketing, and construction marketing industries, she has worked with notable companies/entities such as Lee Haight/RRCA and Home Advisor. She is working every day to provide groundbreaking lead generation strategies and solutions to her clients at an affordable Cost Per a Lead for all construction, roofing and home services business owners. 

Mary is a wife, mother of 2, and faithful Christian. Her family lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

She currently has roofing, construction and home services clients in all 4 corners of the Continental US.


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Are you tired of working with agencies that continue to light your money on fire while they “learn” the roofing, home services or construction industry on your time?

Are you tired of dead-end leads from large lead resellers that resell them out to 10 other contractors?

 Our proven program is designed specifically to help roofing, construction and home services companies increase their brand visibility and generate more leads at a lower cost. 


Your turn to make a move


Because one of our main goals is helping contractors increase their leads through both organic and paid avenues, we have made a commitment to not overlap sales territories for our existing customers. That means we have a 50-mile rule, which says that we can’t provide SEO or Advertising efforts within 50 miles of an existing client’s territory. We also have a couple of other requirements for working with our team including an annual revenue of $750k per a year. 

If you are interested in working with our team, please take a minute to fill out our 60 second application.